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Mintz Obtains Permanent Injunction on Behalf of Multinational Medical Device Company

Key Facts

  • Former employees take valuable trade secrets from Mintz client upon leaving company
  • Defendants accused of misappropriation of trade secrets to compete with Mintz client
  • Defendants enjoined include foreign entities based in China

The Situation

Mintz represented a large multinational medical device company in a trade secret litigation alleging that former employees of Mintz’s client left with a trove of confidential material, including technical schematics and data, relating to a particular medical device and then used that material to establish a competing company making the same types of devices with the help of certain foreign entities.

The Approach

Mintz pursued an aggressive litigation strategy against the new company and certain of the former employees that established it. Mintz also successfully brought into the lawsuit the foreign entities involved in establishing the competitor, despite significant resistance on the part of the foreign entities.

The Outcome

Mintz obtained permanent injunctive relief against the foreign entity defendants and continues to pursue the ongoing matter against the domestic defendants which are stayed pending the outcome of a related criminal investigation.