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Protecting Our Client’s Brand Promise

Key Facts

  • Our client's use of "natural" was challenged in a false advertising lawsuit
  • We have significant experience counseling clients on packaging and labeling law
  • A global settlement helped our client avoid costly litigation

The Situation

Our client, a manufacturer of household cleaning products free of harmful chemicals, found itself named in two class actions alleging violations of New York and Illinois unfair trade practices acts regarding the use of the advertising term “natural.”

The Approach

The company needed specific capabilities in packaging and labeling law as it pertains to the use of terms like “natural,” “all natural,” and “organic.” Mintz’s attorneys have more than 20 years of experience in advising personal care and household products clients on labeling issues such as this, and many others.

The Outcome

Because of this deep experience, the Mintz team was able to reach a global settlement for our client while motions to dismiss the actions were pending, helping them avoid costly litigation.

Supporting Professionals