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PayTech & eCommerce

  • Represented eBay on the sale of its stake in Flipkart to Walmart for about $1.1 billion in connection with Walmart’s acquisition of a 77% stake in Flipkart for $16 billion.
  • Represented eBay in its investment in Paytm Mall, an eCommerce marketplace in India.
  • Represented PayPal in its investment in London-based banking firm Monese, which provides mobile-only, on-demand current banking accounts for customers all over the United Kingdom and the European Union.
  • Represented PayPal in its strategic investment in Tala, a mobile technology and data sciences company that provides instant credit scoring, lending, and other personalized financial services in emerging markets.
  • Represented PayPal in its strategic investment in Ellevest, a digital investment platform specifically focused on helping women meet their financial goals.
  • Boom! Payments, Inc. v. Shopify and Stripe (NDCA, 3:19-cv-00590) - Represent Shopify as defendant in an action filed by a competitor, Boom! Payments, alleging patent infringement relating to U.S. Patent Nos. 8,429,084 and 9,235,854. The case is ongoing. 
  • Scanning Technologies Innovations LLC v. Toast, Inc. (EDTX, 2:17-cv-00167) - Represented Toast, Inc. against non-practicing entity Scanning Technologies Innovations, defending claims of infringing a patent related to point-of-sale technologies. Settled the case quickly and favorably for the client.
  • DDR Holdings, LLC v. Shopify, et al. (DDE, 1:17-cv-501) - Represent Shopify as defendant against claims alleging infringement of three patents related to specific characteristics of eCommerce platforms. Case is stayed pending resolution of inter partes reviews in which Mintz is also representing Shopify.
  • Scanning Technologies Innovations LLC v. Shopify et al. (EDTX, 2:16cv501) - Represented Shopify as defendant against claims of infringement filed by Scanning Technologies Innovations, LLC. Using a combination of subject matter eligibility arguments and threats of jurisdictional challenge, the Mintz team convinced the plaintiff to dismiss the case without prejudice at no cost to our client.
  • Cardsoft (Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors), LLC v. The Gores Group, LLC, et al. (EDTX, 2:12cv00325) - Defended patent infringement action involving patents related to electronic point-of-sale systems. Case settled on favorable terms.
  • Swipe Innovations, LLC v. Equinox Payments, LLC, et al. (EDTX, 9:12cv126) - Defended Equinox Payments against patent infringement claims in this case related to point-of-sale (PoS) devices. The technology of the patents-in-suit involved encryption between PoS devices and host. The case favorably settled for the client and its customers. 
Case Study
Shopify hired Mintz to identify and acquire patents to strengthen its portfolio. Mintz’s IP Transactions team identified potential patents, conducted due diligence to value the patents, and negotiated the purchase agreements, acquiring 17 patent families with 50 patents for Shopify.