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LegalTech® New York 2015


Date: February 3, 2015

Location: New York, NY


  • Cost Control and Using Analytics to Proactively Manage

Farrah Short will be a panelist at LegalTech® New York 2015, taking place on February 4th 2015.

Farrah will speak on "Cost Control & Using Analytics to Proactively Manage"

The “buzz” in the past few years has been about predictive coding as an analytical tool to facilitate document review. Predictive coding is just one of many analytical tools that can aid the discovery process, however, and document production is just one use for discovery analytics. This panel will discuss the range of analytical tools for discovery and creative ways they can be used to assist with early case assessment, litigation strategy, and discovery strategy, allowing counsel to better focus on developing the legal case and clients to make more informed decisions about case disposition. As an added bonus, their effective use can result in significant cost savings.


Professional Cropped Short Farrah Mintz

Farrah Short


Farrah Short is a Mintz Special Counsel who advises clients on antitrust and competition law, including merger review, competitor collaborations, government investigations, and private class action litigation. She specializes in counseling clients through the Hart-Scott-Rodino merger review process.