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NFMA Advanced Seminar: America's Urban Agenda and Its Impact Upon The Municipal Bond Market

National Federation of Municipal Analysts


Date: January 22, 2015

Time: 10:30AM - 12:00PM

Location: Houston, Texas


  • Affordable Care Act

Steve Weiner will participate in a panel entitled "Affordable Care Act" at the Education Committee of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts' Advanced Seminar. Panelists will discuss how urban safety net hospitals will face the challenge of reduced federal funding and the potential shift in patient mix under the ACA. The panel will be moderated by Amy Johonnett, Senior Tax Backed Sector Specialist at Fidelity Investments.


Stephen M. Weiner is a Mintz Member with a strong reputation in health care strategic affiliations, mergers, and acquisitions. Steve has led nonprofit mergers, for-profit acquisitions of nonprofits, and partnerships among medical schools, academic medical centers, and faculty practice plans.

Gary McBride


CFO, San Bernardino County

Daniel Steingart


Vice President/Senior Analyst, Moody's Investor's Service

Amy Johonnett


Senior Tax Backed Sector Specialist, Fidelity Investments