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2017 Public Markets Overview

Broadview Ventures, Inc.


Date: June 7, 2017

Time: 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Location: Boston, MA


  • 2017 Public Markets Overview


  • Fundraising environment generally for biotech companies
  • Pros and cons of being a public company (including being the CEO of the public company)
    • Access to capital
    • Potential exit opportunities for investors, management and employees
    • Branding
  • When to start thinking about public markets
    • Alternative fund-raising options available
    • Amount of time to prepare company infrastructure
    • Necessary/highly-desirable prerequisites that need to be in place to have a successful fund raising and ability to develop and maintain analyst coverage
  • Options to consider (IPO, reverse merger, Form 10/direct registration)
    • The reasons to consider one path versus another
  • Laying the groundwork
    • Retaining financial, legal and accounting advisors
    • Prerequisites to marketing (IPO), engaging with analysts (IPO, reverse merger) or finding investors (Form 10/direct registration)


  • Brian Goldstein – Partner, Choate, Hall & Stewart


  • Eugene Rozelman – Managing Director, Head of US Biotechnology and Specialty Pharma Investment Banking, Cannacord Genuity
  • Jonathan Gertler, MD – Co-founder, Managing Partner and CEO, Back Bay Life Science Advisors
  • Bill Marshall – President and CEO, Co-Founder and Director, miRagen Therapeutics
  • Megan Gates – Partner, Mintz Levin