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2018 PLUS International Conference

Reps & Warranties: Trends & Challenges on the Immediate Horizon


Date: November 8, 2018

Time: 11:30AM

Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt - San Diego, CA 92101

Mintz Member Nancy Adams will serve as liaison for a panel entitled, "Reps & Warranties: Trends & Challenges on the Immediate Horizon". This panel will discuss the latest trends and challenges – both foreign and domestic – regarding the placement of R&W insurance. This discussion will cover notable developments in this fast-paced and growing market from the broker’s initial submission to the underwriting and issuance of the policy and the claims process. It will also cover changes in the initial quote process, the increasing (or not) insurability of difficult risks, the challenges posed by cross-border deals, the role of R&W insurance in auctions, and the potential broadening of seller reps to a buyer.

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