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BRG Healthcare Restructring Conference


Date: April 10, 2018

Time: 1:45PM - 2:35PM

Location: New York

Ian Hammel spoke on a panel entitled "Financial Market Challenges and the Impact on Not-for-Profit Hospitals", at the BRG Healthcare Restructring Conference.

The outlook for not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare in the US remains negative for 2018, which reflects the impact of a continued erosion in payer mix as the aging baby boomer generation moves into Medicare and as newly eligible Medicaid patients access more healthcare services to address deferred care and chronic conditions. Over the longer term, not-for-profit hospitals will be increasingly challenged by regulatory and political uncertainty. Given all this, what is the financial outlook for the remainder of 2018, and what challenges will not-for-profit hospitals face in the future?

Moderator: Haywood Miller, Managing Director, BRG
Panelist: Brent McDonald, Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Panelist: Mike Caruso, Managing Director, Health Trust Research Group
Panelist: Jeffrey P. Hoffman, Asset Based Product Leader, Capital One
Panelist: Ian A. Hammel, Member, Mintz


Professional Cropped Hammel Ian Mintz

Ian A. Hammel


Ian A. Hammel is a restructuring attorney at Mintz. He represents creditors in insolvency proceedings, workouts, and receiverships. Ian advises indenture trustees, bond insurers, bondholders, noteholders, mutual funds, and other financial entities in these matters.