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Regional Roundtable: Life Reinsurance Arbitration

Association of Life Insurance Counsel


Date: September 24, 2019

Time: 10:30AM - 11:30AM (EST)

Location: Atlanta, GA

Pick a Place: Is Arbitration Still the Preferred Forum for Reinsurance Disputes?

Arbitration and reinsurance disputes have a shared history. The belief used to be that disputes could be resolved in informal ways and in front of experienced industry people who understood the custom and practice of reinsurance. But in recent years, the rationale for resolving arbitration disputes has been strained as arbitration has started to look a lot more like litigation in court. This presentation will ask the broad question of whether arbitration is still the preferred forum for reinsurance disputes for the life industry, while examining the practical concerns that underlie the question - are there enough qualified life arbitrators, is there enough certainty in the process, can costs be contained, and what are the alternatives?


Suman Chakraborty is a litigator at Mintz with two decades of experience advocating for major insurers and reinsurers in high-value arbitrations and in state and federal court litigation across the country. Suman leverages his deep insurance and reinsurance industry experience to help clients navigate and resolve risk.