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Fraud, Debt, and Judgments: How to Maximize Asset Recovery

IBA Global Influencer Forum


Date: July 1, 2021

Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM (EST)

Location: Online

Dan Pascucci participated in a panel titled, "Fraud, Debt, and Judgments: How to Maximize Asset Recovery," as part of the IBA Global Influencer Forum. To secure the return of misappropriated assets, a team with global expertise and intricate local knowledge is critical to a successful asset tracing strategy. Asset investigations are highly specialized and require an unusual set of almost contradictory skills: a broad approach, an intense focus on detail, and a constant openness to new ideas about how to bring a case to resolution. The panel discussed many topics including:

  • When do you need an asset recovery expert?
  • Identifying hidden assets in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Selecting the right strategy: seizure vs. settlement
  • Partnering with legal counsel
  • Understanding the asset recovery life cycle




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Daniel T. Pascucci is a Mintz attorney who litigates international business disputes. He helps companies recover assets fraudulently laundered off-shore and hidden in renowned privacy and tax shelter nations. Dan defends clients in class action litigation, representing companies in many industries.