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BIO International Convention 2024


Date: June 3, 2024

Location: San Diego Convention Center, California

Josh Fox will be moderating a panel titled "Running a Biotech Company: Perspectives from Women Powerbrokers" at the 2024 BIO International Convention.  What is it like running a biotech company as a woman? As an executive who happens to be a woman, are you treated differently by other executives who are men? Do you feel a sense of responsibility to your employees who are women? How do you create a workplace that supports women and other underrepresented groups? When you pitch to investors, how often do you see women on the other side of the pitch table? This panel will explore these questions and more and will also review the state of the biotech industry in the area of gender diversity.  Attendees will hear from three women who hold positions of leadership in the industry regarding how they achieved success, challenges associated with ascending to a leadership position in biotech, and what advice they have for women who are starting their careers in biotech.


Joel Papernik will be moderating a panel titled " Best Practices for Managing Your Biotech's Cashflow." Even companies flush with cash need to be savvy as to financial options when facing a down-market and onerous financing alternatives.  Is your Board armed with an understanding the ins and outs of financial survival? This panel will cover various alternatives, including collaborations, selling assets, reverse mergers, filing a Chapter XI bankruptcy case, and dissolving - presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

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Joshua D. Fox is a corporate attorney at Mintz who represents clients in milestone transactions and general corporate matters throughout the business lifecycle. He focuses on the life sciences (biotechnology, diagnostics, devices) and tech industry, including digital health, software, technology-enabled services, and consumer products.
Joel I. Papernik is a corporate and mergers and acquisitions attorney. He leads acquisitions across industries and helps Mintz clients offload enterprises, divisions, and subsidiaries. Joel manages collaborative arrangements, licensing transactions, and other deals for life sciences companies.