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BBA Council Supports Streamlined Post-Conviction Relief for Human Trafficking Survivors

Mintz attorneys Lavinia Weizel and Alec Zadek were featured in the Boston Bar Association’s newsletter regarding the Human Trafficking Subcommittee. Alec has served as co-chair since the subcommittee was launched in 2014.  Lavinia Weizel has joined the subcommittee.  Since its launch, the subcommittee has hosted a number of programs and developed an interest in a number of policy proposals, including An Act to Reduce Sexual Exploitation of Human Trafficking, which Alec and Lavinia helped to draft. This bill, and the similar An Act to enhance the lives of survivors of human trafficking, establishes procedures for post-conviction relief for individuals that were arrested and convicted of certain offenses while under the control of a trafficker.


Boston Bar Association