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Mintz Hosts Students for "Lawyer for a Day" Event

On March 6, 2019, Mintz will host “Lawyer for a Day” in its Los Angeles office. During the event, middle schoolers from New Los Angeles Charter, a Title One school, will gain a first-hand impression of what lawyers do and whether they could see themselves doing the same thing.

Mintz will offer the students the ability to participate in interactive learning activities to understand how the legal system works and the role that different types of lawyers play. Some of the firm’s lawyers will give brief presentations about their career trajectory and life as in-house counsel with a Q&A session at the end.

A number of distinguished guests will also be on hand, including: Cindy Perry, GC at Brandable LA; Camilla Eng, GC at Laser Away; Rebecka Biejo, VP & Deputy GC at Pilgrim Media; and Brenda Galvan, Deputy District Attorney at Los Angeles District Attorney.

There will also be various breakout sessions, combining law, leadership, analytical thinking and problem-solving; and a lunch that allows the students invaluable one-on-one time with the lawyers.

“If these students are anything like I was at that age, many of them may have never met a professional or stepped foot in a professional environment,” said Joshua Briones, Managing Member of Mintz’s Los Angeles office. “This day will be a wonderful opportunity for us to inspire and motivate young kids and perhaps influence their lives in a positive way.”

“I really enjoyed having the chance to share with students what being a lawyer is really about, and the moment of discovery that led me to want to be a lawyer and moved me to be a leader in the community,” said Brenda Galvan.

Mr. Briones knows how important it is to have guidance and mentorship. He grew up in California, the son of immigrant parents who worked in the fields. At the encouragement of his community college counselor, he considered a career in law. Today, he is a lauded litigator who has served as lead defense counsel on more than 300 alleged class actions.