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Mintz Member Matthew T. Simpson Part Of Ukraine Ceasefire Working Group

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mintz’s Private Equity Co-Chair, Matthew T. Simpson is one of a group of experts arranged by the Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG) to develop a series of tools and resources to assist with potential future ceasefire negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

The PILPG Ceasefire Policy Planning Working Group, which is made up of Generals, policymakers, international lawyers, and subject matter experts, is working closely with Ukrainians and other stakeholders to develop a range of materials including analysis of the former ceasefire efforts between Ukraine and Russia, in-depth case study assignments on ceasefire agreements in several countries, expert case study interviews with ceasefire experts, and insights into Russian tactics, priorities, and perspectives to prepare Ukraine for future ceasefire negotiations.

Mr. Simpson, drawing on his previous experience as a peace negotiator, has met with the working group over the course of the last few months and participated in a series of “Expert Interviews” where he shared lessons learned from the various efforts from 2006-2012 to end the conflict in Darfur.

He is a recognized international negotiator and legal advisor. In 2010, the United Nations and African Union appointed Mr. Simpson the Principal Legal Advisor to the Darfur Delegation in the Darfur Peace Negotiations. Embedded in Doha, Qatar as an official member of the Darfur delegation, Mr. Simpson led a team of over two dozen international legal and policy advisors on all aspects of the peace negotiations including various ceasefires, issues related to power and wealth sharing, the negotiation of a $2 billion development fund, the overhaul of the petroleum and natural resources sectors, and the formation of a regional government for Darfur.

Mr. Simpson has also been closely affiliated with PILPG in the past, where he worked on over a dozen post-conflict legal and policy initiatives including leading the first-ever surrender to the International Criminal Court, amending the Iraqi Constitution, designing war crimes witness protection programs in Uganda, and advising on the establishment of the Republic of South Sudan. Currently, Mr. Simpson serves in a pro bono capacity as a Senior Peace Fellow for PILPG advising on the implementation of the 2020 Sudan Peace Agreement and as an advisor to the PILPG Ceasefire Policy Planning Group focused on the conflict in Ukraine.

Based in Washington, D.C., Mr. Simpson focuses his fee earning practice on helping his clients navigate complex corporate transactions including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, growth equity, venture capital and other minority investments, and restructurings in the U.S. and abroad. In late 2022, Mr. Simpson was appointed to co-lead Mintz’s Private Equity practice.

PILPG is a global pro bono law firm providing free legal assistance to parties involved in peace negotiations, drafting post-conflict constitutions, and war crimes prosecution/transitional justice. To facilitate the utilization of this legal assistance, PILPG also provides policy planning assistance and training on matters related to conflict resolution.

More information on the Ceasefire Policy Planning Working Group can be found here.