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Mintz Receives Leadership Award From Greater Boston Food Bank For Pro Bono Legal Services

BOSTON – Mintz is honored to receive the 2022 Leadership Award from Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) for legal services the firm has provided throughout 2020 and 2021. The Annual Partner Appreciation Awards are a way for GBFB to thank its top partners, advocates, financial and food donors, and other supporters, which have helped GBFB provide healthy meals to nearly 600,000 people across Eastern Massachusetts.

Mintz has worked alongside GBFB for a number of years as outside General Counsel. Through the leadership of Mintz Member Geri Haight the firm has provided GBFB with pro bono employment law, corporate governance, and real estate advice, while also providing training for the board, attending meetings, and helping the food bank work with the City of Boston.

“It is such an honor to receive the 2022 Leadership Award for our work on behalf of GBFB. Mintz has partnered with GBFB for over 20 years, providing legal assistance and support to their teams across the organization,” said Ms. Haight. “Now more than ever we need to support GBFB’s critical work on behalf of those living with food insecurity during this time of unprecedented need. GBFB is doing incredibly important and meaningful work and we are pleased to support the organization.”

“The expert legal counsel of Mintz attorneys has been tremendously helpful to our organization over our 20 plus years of partnership,” said GBFB Chief Financial Officer Pranita Amarasinghe. “Our contacts have uniformly been collegial, extremely professional and appreciative of GBFB’s mission to end hunger in Eastern Massachusetts. We deeply value our partnership with the firm and are grateful for the opportunity to thank organizations like Mintz that go above and beyond in their hunger relief advocacy and action.”

The award was given to Mintz in person by Ms. Amarasinghe and Deborah Kenealy, Chief of Staff and Vice President, from GBFB.

Pro bono service is at the heart of Mintz’s culture and identity. The firm partners with nonprofits, legal services organizations, in-house legal departments, and other law firms to provide life-changing assistance for individuals in need. In the past year, more than 400 Mintz attorneys contributed to over 300 unique pro bono matters. To learn more about the firm’s pro bono work, please click here.