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Political Tensions up The Ante For SEC Green Agenda

Mintz Member Jacob Hupart spoke to IFLR on recent proposals from the SEC on climate disclosure rules as part of its wider focus on ESG and how the SEC is increasingly looking to enforce those rules. Jacob commented, "There is a definite signal to the marketplace that the SEC is focused on ESG matters, that they are intent on enforcing them, and that they are in the process of promulgating stricter rules to govern ESG-focused investment... That intent has also translated into a number of enforcement actions against specific entities.” Jacob continued and said, “It's not clear whether all of these proposed rules will ultimately survive...Everyone anticipates a legal challenge, but the fact that the SEC has staked out a position means that even if the rules do not make it in their current format, some version of them will live on and will be considered as the standard for companies going forward.”