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State Climate Bill Puts Massachusetts at ‘Forefront of Clean Energy Legislation’

Mintz's Energy & Sustainability Chair, Tom Burton spoke to Infrastructure Investor about An Act Driving Clean Energy and Offshore Wind, which are two Massachusetts state climate bills at the forefront of clean energy legislation. Tom said, "The two bills will work together to create profound benefits to multiple clean energy industries... The top industry to benefit, as indicated by the title of the bill, is offshore wind... There I see a couple of major opportunities.. First, the elimination of the price cap... With the cap, you had a race to the bottom and ultimately an economic outcome with the effect of limiting competition in the marketplace, and the dramatic slowdown of offshore wind development.. So, the elimination of the cap combined with the incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act like loan guarantee benefits, plus competition with more entrants in the marketplace, will have a massive impact.”


Infrastructure Investor