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Mayor Bloomberg Vetoes Legislation Prohibiting Discrimination Against Unemployed

By David M. Katz

As we predicted in an earlier blog post, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vetoed legislation aimed at prohibiting discrimination against New York City’s unemployed. 

In a statement explaining his veto decision, Mayor Bloomberg said: “Hiring decisions frequently involve the exercise of independent, subjective judgment about a prospective employee’s likely future performance, and the creation of this ambiguous legal standard will make it harder for employers to make decisions that will benefit their businesses.”  Unlike other protected characteristics, such as an applicant’s race, “the circumstances surrounding a person’s unemployment status may, in certain situations, be relevant to employers when selecting qualified employees,” Mayor Bloomberg said in his statement.

Also as predicted, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said today that the council would vote to override the veto of the measure.  It is anticipated that the council has more than enough support to override Mayor Bloomberg’s veto.  We will continue to monitor developments, and will keep you informed.

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