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Cafeteria Plans, the Affordable Care Act, and Continued Compliance with the Massachusetts Free-Rider Surcharge Requirement--New Advice from the Massachusetts Health Insurance Connector

Established as part of the 2006 Massachusetts health care reform law, the Massachusetts Health Insurance Connector served as a model for the Affordable Care Act’s American Health Benefit Exchanges, also known as insurance marketplaces. Both the Connector and the marketplaces serve as point-of-sale portals that enable individuals and small businesses to compare health insurance products, and both facilitate the purchase of coverage. But there are some important differences, and while Massachusetts has taken some steps to accommodate the Affordable Care Act, state and federal laws remain on a collision course. In a recent letter to employers, the Connector addresses these disparities and offers advice. For more information please read the advisory written by Alden Bianchi and Patty Moran.

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Martha Zackin