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Governor Christie Signs Scaled-Back Opportunity to Compete Act - New Jersey's Ban the Box Bill

Written by David Katz

We previously wrote (here and here) about New Jersey’s proposed “ban the box” measure, known as the Opportunity to Compete Act, a law that would prohibit employers from inquiring about job candidates’ criminal histories early in the hiring process. As expected, Governor Chris Christie signed the scaled-back, more employer-friendly version of the Opportunity to Compete Act into law yesterday.

At an event in Trenton yesterday, Governor Christie stated: “Today we are also going further to reform our criminal justice system by signing legislation that continues with our promise and commitment to give people a second chance. You’ve seen it through the work we are doing in drug rehabilitation across the state. This is a state that believes that every life is precious and that no life is beyond salvation, that everyone deserves a second chance in New Jersey, if they’ve made a mistake. So, today, we are banning the box and ending employment discrimination. And this is going to make a huge difference for folks who have paid their debts to society, who want to start their lives over again and are going to have an opportunity to do just that in our state. That’s what people want and it’s what they except and it’s what they deserved from those of us they entrust with public office.”

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