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Figuring Out Cheryl’s Birthday: Employment Law Edition

First it was the blue and gold dress.  Now, the next viral internet sensation centers on the unlikeliest of events: Cheryl’s birthday.  We thought we’d have some fun and pose it as an employment law question.  See if you can solve it.  No cheating please.

Melvin Mack and Melisandre Mulaney are associates in Mason, Moses and Madison LLP’s employment law group.  Their boss, Maryann Mileris, tells them that the firm’s biggest client, Maverick Manufacturers, has tasked MM&M with responding to an EEOC charge on its behalf.  Maryann asks Melvin and Melisandre to draft the position statement.  Melvin and Melisandre ask Maryann for the position statement filing deadline so they can calendar it accordingly.  Maryann, a senior partner with rather unorthodox training methods, provides them with a list of 10 possible dates.

May 15             May 16            May 19

June 17            June 18

July 14             July 16

August 14        August 15        August 17

Maryann then tells Melvin the month of filing deadline and separately tells Melisandre the day of the filing deadline, and instructs them against sharing this information with each other.  This exchange follows:

Melvin: I don’t know when the filing deadline is, but I know that Melisandre does not know too.

Melisandre: At first I didn't know when the filing deadline is, but I know now.

Melvin: Then I also know when the filing deadline is.

So when is the filing deadline?

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