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Innocents Abroad: Employer Considerations When Sending Employees on International Assignments or Business Travel

In our increasingly globalized economy, employers strategically place employees in assignments across international locations, and utilize cross-border business trips to facilitate demanding international business needs.

However, many employers fail to thoroughly consider the risks or implications of sending their employees abroad.  Should employers have a travel policy in place?  What details should be outlined in an employment agreement with travel obligations?  Are there protections for employees visiting or living in high-threat countries with concerns of crime, terrorism, or political instability? Is there a risk if an employee travels on the wrong visa?

These are big questions, reflecting some of the practical concerns in our international marketplace.  Employers must sufficiently address such matters with counsel before hurriedly sending employees on international assignments or routine business visits. After all, if left unaddressed, employers could face damaging and costly outcomes legally and to the business. The questions raised in this series are riddled with critical implications for the international success of a company, and the sustainability of a best-in-class international workforce.

During this series, we will hear from the well-intentioned Global HR Director, Ned Help, who will raise hot topics and difficulties his company faces when sending their employees abroad.  We will then explore the common pitfalls and offer practical solutions to the difficulties Ned Help faces.

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Danielle Lifrieri