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US Consulates in Canada Expand E-1/E-2 Visa Processing

The US Consulate in Toronto has introduced "streamlined" registration for companies applying for E-1 Treaty Trader or E-2 Investor registrations. In addition, E-1 and E-2 visa processing for employees of companies with valid registrations has been expanded to the US Embassy in Ottawa and US Consulates General in Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal.  Applicants may also continue to apply in Toronto. 

According to the Embassy;

"Appointment availability is prioritized for Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents/landed immigrants who are citizens of treaty-trader countries. Citizens of the UK must demonstrate that they are residents of a UK territory in Europe and maintain domicile there. Limited appointments are available for applicants who are not Canadian citizens or residents; such applicants must choose the “Non-Canada Resident” category when scheduling an appointment."

The application instructions indicate to prepare to submit the supporting documentation immediately after securing the visa appointment via the online system. Those applying with a new company registrations, as well as first-time applicants with existing company registrations are advised to select an appointment at least ten business days in advance.

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Danielle Lifrieri