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Upcoming Event: EUCI's U.S./Canada Cross-Border Energy Trade Summit

The United States and Canada form the largest integrated energy market in the world, operating on more than 50 grid connections of transmission wires and pipelines, according to EUCI. EUCI’s 3rd Annual U.S./Canada Cross-Border Energy Trade Summit will look at the state of energy trade in the Northeast, focusing on recent and proposed cross-border transmission projects for power and natural gas. Industry and policy-maker experts will evaluate the complex process of facilitating increased energy transactions, with emphases on the related intricate planning, multi-party cooperation, and associated regulatory, technical, and financial issues. Taking place March 1-2 in Boston, panel discussions will evaluate the role of Canadian imports for an optimal future resource mix in the Northeast, debating how to balance the often-competing needs of competitive markets, energy security and diversity, environmental compliance, and economic growth in an increased cross-border energy future.

Our own David O’Connor, Senior Vice President for Energy & Clean Technology at ML Strategies, will moderate the panel entitled, “Integrating Markets and Public Policy (“IMAPP”): Evolving Capacity Markets to Incentivize Renewables.” NEPOOL initiated a stakeholder process—Integrating Markets and Public Policy (IMAPP)—to identify and explore potential changes in the wholesale power market that could be implemented to advance state public policy objectives in New England. Taking place March 1 from 1:20 – 2:45 pm, this session will explore various policy and industry perspectives on the IMAPP process.

Click here to register for this summit, and follow #EUCIEvents and #CrossBorderPower on social media to stay informed.

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