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Mintz’s Health Care Enforcement Defense Group Releases New Qui Tam Update

Mintz’s Health Care Enforcement Defense Group recently published its most recent Health Care Qui Tam Update. This Update analyzes the 47 health care-related qui tam cases unsealed in August and September 2017.  Highlights from this Update include:

  • a relatively high rate of intervention;
  • cases filed in 30 different courts;
  • cases brought against a variety of different health care providers;
  • almost half of the cases filed by current or former employees; and
  • faster times for unsealing cases.

The Update also provides an in-depth look at three sets of cases, including a set of seven qui tam actions filed against pharmaceutical manufacturer Novo Nordisk Inc. for alleged false claims stemming from “off-label” marketing of Victoza (liraglutide).

Click here to read the full Update.


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