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Health Law Diagnosed – Women Leaders in Health Care: The Role and Importance of Mentorship

In this episode, host Bridgette Keller introduces a new series of Health Law Diagnosed titled Women Leaders in Health Care. This new series will bring together women leaders for discussions on timely key issues and reflections on developing a career in the industry.

Leah Pollema, Vice President and General Counsel at InhibRx, and Serene Katranji, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, and Corporate Counsel at Orchard Laboratories, join Bridgette for this inaugural episode. Together, they share personal stories about their experiences as both mentees and mentors, shedding light on the invaluable impact mentorship has had on their professional journeys.

Serene underscores the fulfillment of opening doors for those facing similar career challenges and the satisfaction of seeing mentees surpass her own achievements. She reflects on the enduring impact of mentors who provided helpful guidance during her career, emphasizing the importance of paying forward the knowledge gained.

Leah adopts a modeling approach to mentoring, highlighting the significance of demonstrating the desired behaviors and skills for her colleagues. Drawing from her experience as a mentee, she fosters a collaborative mentoring environment, prioritizing active participation over passive instruction.

Both women stress the pivotal role of trust in successful mentorship, creating a safe and vulnerable space for mentorship to thrive. Additionally, they actively seek diverse relationships in their mentoring journeys, recognizing the importance of opening doors for others and modeling the way to success. This episode provides valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of mentorship in the world of health care.

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Bridgette advises health care providers, ACOs, health plans, PBMs, and laboratories on regulatory, fraud and abuse, and business planning matters, applying her experience in health system administration and ethics in health care to her health law practice.