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Energy & Sustainability Client Feature — Aclarity, Inc.

This month, we are excited to feature Aclarity, Inc., a trailblazer in the fight to eliminate PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) contamination. The company recently completed its Series A funding round, securing an impressive $15.9 million. This round, led by Aqualateral and featuring prominent investors such as HG Ventures, Bidra Innovation Ventures, Nor’easter Ventures, MassVentures, and Burnt Island Ventures, positions Aclarity for a groundbreaking phase of growth and innovation.

PFAS, often referred to as “forever chemicals” due to their persistent nature in the environment, pose a severe threat to ecosystems and human health. Aclarity’s Octa™ system has garnered attention for its role in revolutionizing wastewater treatment and environmental remediation. This full-scale treatment system places Aclarity at the forefront of providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the complete eradication of PFAS contaminants. Aclarity’s commitment to real-time PFAS destruction in the field has not gone unrecognized, and in 2023, the company was awarded the prestigious Company of the Year Best Practices award in the North American PFAS treatment industry from Frost & Sullivan.

Aclarity's innovative approach to PFAS destruction, focusing on cost-effectiveness, safety, and efficiency, has positioned it as a key player in the environmental remediation landscape. The Series A funding will play a pivotal role in scaling up manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, expanding market penetration, and fostering partnerships to address PFAS contamination challenges globally. Aclarity has expanded its pipeline into industries grappling with PFAS contamination, such as the waste, food and beverage manufacturing, and pulp and paper sectors. This strategic move is in response to the overwhelming demand from industries seeking solutions to the PFAS problem that are in compliance with existing and impending regulations.

As Aclarity continues its pursuit to combat PFAS pollution, the Series A funding will be instrumental in driving growth and accelerating the deployment of the company’s groundbreaking technology to communities and industries in need. A huge congratulations to the entire Aclarity team.


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Thomas R. Burton, III

Member / Chair, Energy & Sustainability Practice

Tom Burton has helped to shape the clean energy industry by drawing on his passion for innovation. As a Mintz attorney, Tom counsels investors, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 100 companies. He also guides start-up organizations and accelerators to foster the next generation of energy leaders.