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2016 ALTA/NSPS (formerly ALTA/ACSM) Land Title Survey Standards

On February 23, 2016, the 2016 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys will become effective (superseding the 2011 ALTA/ACSM standards).

An overview of the changes (courtesy of Chicago Title Insurance Company) can be found at this LINK, and include (among others):

1. Clarifying the precision with which features are to be located on the ground and depicted on the survey.

2. Providing better guidance with respect to locating and depicting abutting streets and roads.

3. Requiring that observed utility features be shown (rather than being a Table A option).

4. If the surveyor prepares a new description, requiring an explanation regarding why it was prepared and how the land described in the new description relates to the land described in the record description.

5. Removing the mandatory requirement that the names of adjoining owners be shown on the survey (and adding it to optional Table A, item 13).

6. Requiring an explanation for any Table A items that were negotiated in a manner different from how they are described in the Standards.

7. Requiring a zoning letter or report before they can address the zoning issues of Table A, item 6.

8. Revising Table A, item 18, with respect to requirements for wetlands delineation.

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