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EU Data Protection Regulation: and the horizon recedes again . . .

Written by Susan Foster, Solicitor England & Wales/Admitted in California

(LONDON) We recently wrote that a crucial committee vote on the new EU Data Protection Regulation had been pushed back until May 29-30.   The vote has been delayed again until an unspecified future date, although Jan Phillip Albrecht, the MEP who is one of the leading advocates for the Regulation, still thinks that a committee vote will be possible before the European Parliament’s July recess.  This may be overly optimistic, given that the European Parliament still needs to sift through over three thousand amendments to the Regulation.

Delays to complex EU Regulations are nothing new – and the delay does not mean that the draft Regulation has hit any fatal roadblocks.   Interested organizations will no doubt see the delay as a useful opportunity to extend their lobbying for changes to the draft Regulation.

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