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Cyber Risks for the Boardroom: A Five-Part Series

With privacy issues becoming more a focus of legislation and regulations at the state and federal levels, it’s not just IT departments that need to pay attention. Corporate directors need to be agile when it comes to cyber risks, as a data breach can lead to a government investigation, class action litigation, and loss of reputation and profits. A starting point for any boardroom is to take a good and hard look at the insurance coverages in order to make sure the company as well as the directors and officers are protected in the event of privacy incident.

Corporate directors who want to know more about their cyber liability can read our five-part series, Cyber Risks — Director Liability and Potential Gaps in D&O Coverage, published on Mintz Levin’s Privacy & Security Matters blog. Each post examines a different aspect of what boards need to consider.


  • Part 1: The Recent Increase in Focus on Privacy Issues


  • Part 2: Why Corporate Directors Should Be Concerned About Data Security Breaches


  • Part 3: Top Questions Directors Should Be Asking About D&O Coverage


  • Part 4: Coverage for Investigations


  • Part 5: Coverage for Privacy Violations


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Heidi Lawson