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Video Blog Series: These Four Key Privacy Laws Have Major Implications for Companies in 2020

Over the next few days we will be posting a series of videos focusing on privacy litigation trends, specifically four key privacy laws that will impact U.S.-based companies in 2020-2021.  Corporate leaders, business owners, and HR professionals should be aware of these state-specific laws, which protect the privacy rights of consumers or employees, and which will be making significant waves in the privacy litigation arena.  These laws are especially relevant for companies seeking to employ Artificial Intelligence (“AI”). 

For any business that relies or even considers relying on AI, biometrics, or bot technology, four critical laws must be on your radar right now.  These laws will be on everyone’s radar for the remainder of 2020 and will have nationwide implications for companies or all sizes.  Notably, the laws we discuss in this series originate from two states that are considered leaders in the area of privacy legislation—California and Illinois.  Yet, not only do they impact companies with presence in those states, but they also set an example many other states are attempting to follow.   

Watch this 3-minute video explaining these key privacy laws.  We will follow this video blog series with additional videos, which will specifically focus on each of these laws and what the corporate leaders need to keep in mind right now.  Our next post will discuss the California Consumer Protection Act (the “CCPA”) and will include a video that can be used as a part of the employee training by companies.  Meanwhile, if you have any questions about how the latest privacy litigation trends may impact your company, please contact our team at Mintz.

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