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Mintz Podcasts

Mintz hosts a series of podcasts aimed to bring listeners insights on the intersection between business, innovation, and the law. Hosts include Mintz attorneys from across our offices and practices, alongside well-respected industry leaders as guests, who explore issues and topics that are impacting the business community today.

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Client Corner

Client Corner: Perspectives from Founders, Financiers, and Friends, a new Mintz On Air podcast series hosted by Mintz Member Joshua Fox that explores the dynamics of starting and running a business, investing in a business, and helping to support a business — through insights shared by entrepreneurs, investors, and members of the start-up community. We hope these conversations will provide valuable advice to you, the listener, as you’re working to successfully build your own business, as well as inspire others who are thinking about starting a new venture.

Exclusive Rights

Intellectual property rights protect your innovations and competitive position in the market. From small startup technology companies to benchmark Fortune 100 firms, IP touches every aspect of business: pioneering innovations, unique branding, seed investment, operations, and more. Keeping current on the ever-changing landscape in the dynamic knowledge economy is a full-time job in itself. Join the Mintz IP team as they provide the insights you need to protect your company’s most valuable assets.

From the Edge

From the Edge is a podcast geared toward helping entrepreneurs thrive by learning from the experiences of executives in the technology, biotech and finance fields. On this podcast, Mintz partners who work with growing companies raising capital, building great management teams and achieving successful liquidity events will discuss with investors and entrepreneurs the key reasons that they were able to build successful companies and important lessons learned along the way. Mintz is a nationally leading law firm focused on helping emerging growth companies achieve success.

Health Law Diagnosed

Health Law Diagnosed is a Mintz podcast that explores current topics related to the entire health care ecosystem, from providers and payors to suppliers, investors and lenders alike, with a focus on existing and emerging legal and social issues. Each episode will feature a Mintz Health Law attorney interviewing experts and thought-leaders on various hot topics. 

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