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Paul M. Huston

  • Representing an international energy company, Paul crafted briefs that resulted in the dismissal of federal non-compete claims against Filipino workers in California and ultimately a published decision stating there is no “trade secret exception” to the ban on non-competes in California. (Northern District of California)
  • After a two-week jury trial, Paul and the defense trial team obtained a full defense jury verdict in a defamation suit brought by a former employee against a third-party defendant whose statements to the employer allegedly resulted in the employee’s termination. (San Diego Superior Court)
  • Representing an executive and the executive’s new employer, Paul and the Mintz team successfully obtained summary judgment on non-competition claims, creating new published case law relating to the enforceability of foreign choice of law clauses against California workers. (Chancery Court of Delaware)
  • In a disability discrimination case, Paul and the Mintz defense team obtained terminating sanctions against a former employee, and subsequently an award of defendant’s attorneys’ fees, after discovering the employee’s intentional destruction of evidence during litigation and unsuccessful attempt to conceal the same. (Los Angeles Superior Court)
  • In a suit by a former employer against its former executive and the executive’s new technology start-up, Paul and the Mintz defense team obtained dismissal of trade secret theft claims and successfully defeated related discovery motions. (Southern District of California)
  • Representing an international medical company, Paul and the Mintz defense team obtained summary judgment against an employee’s federal age discrimination and breach of contract claims after the employee was terminated for poor performance and alleged that the employer had a policy requiring progressive discipline. (Central District of California)
  • Negotiated various favorable settlements and broad liability releases while representing transportation companies during the yearslong “Port Trucking” litigation in Los Angeles, including after weeks-long trials before the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. (Los Angeles Superior Court)
  • Representing a surgeon’s office, Paul worked with forensic experts to uncover evidence that led to the defense team negotiating a nothing-paid full dismissal of an employee’s frivolous harassment and retaliation claims after internal due diligence revealed the employee had apparently stolen company trade secrets. (San Diego Superior Court)
  • Drafted the briefs that led to the dismissal of trade secret claims against a nationwide staffing agency for failure to accurately specify what protectable trade secrets had been allegedly taken. (Southern District of California)
Case Study
When a national retailer terminated an employee for policy violations, the individual sued for disability discrimination and Family and Medical Leave retaliation. After Mintz uncovered serious misconduct by the former employee, the court granted our motion to dismiss the case.