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We tailor our technology to meet your needs — how you prefer to communicate and share information. We use technology to streamline our services as well as to stay in touch with clients from anywhere in the world.

We maintain technology that mirrors our commitment to efficiency and client service. Our information systems are designed to provide secure, high-bandwidth, fault-tolerant access to documents, images, messages, research facilities, and multimedia resources.

Our technology environment encourages the sharing of knowledge and resources, and quick, reliable communications. Information is readily available and can be shared across the firm and with clients.



Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. is ISO 27001:2013 certified (US 17/81826693), indicating that the firm’s data security policies, practices, and guidelines conform with the highest international standards for information security and protection.

The certification process involved a rigorous internal and external review of the firm’s information management system, including the following components:

  • Document Management
  • E-mail
  • Remote Access
  • Client Collaboration
  • Mobile Device Management

The ISO/IEC certification is valid from January 16, 2020 until January 15, 2023, and remains valid subject to satisfactory audits. 

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24/7/365 Access 

Lawyers are one of the most on-the-go groups of professionals, meeting with clients, appearing in court, and traveling to different states or countries. Our systems are integrated and accessible to attorneys from wherever they may be. Everything is designed with client service as our top priority.

Our technology infrastructure is constantly growing and evolving to meet our clients’ needs both internally and externally. The firm supports most handheld data devices and we can host videoconferences from anywhere in world — including a personal laptop or a conference room.

Extranets & Electronic Data Rooms   

We can provide a secure extranet or electronic data room for you to access documents or any other information you request to be posted for you to access remotely.

Litigation Support Applications

We employ specific applications to meet specific practice needs. Litigation support software is used to provide cost and time savings to you as well as for a strategic advantage in the courtroom.

We own and manage industry standard relational database litigation support applications. Documents can be imaged, annotated, categorized, and retrieved online. End users can conduct full-text searches of images and bibliographic information, locating information in minutes rather than hours of review. Document productions can be managed electronically and we can assign Bates numbers as required.

By giving everyone on the case team fast access to the same information, labor-intensive document management is minimized. Previously hard-to-find information is just a quick search away.

We also use real-time technology, which permits attorneys to see written testimony on their laptops just seconds after it is given. Once offline, attorneys can use a full-text search engine to access specific testimony in seconds. Search results can be annotated and issue coded for future reference. These features dramatically reduce paralegal and attorney time spent sifting through hundreds of printed deposition pages. Attorneys are given a strategic advantage in managing important transcript information.

Electronic Discovery Experience

Computer-based evidence is a rapidly growing issue in litigation. We work with leading e-discovery consultants to ensure that you have proper control over the data discovery process.

Our attorneys are able to incorporate electronic discovery into standard practice, whether in the taking and defending of technical depositions or responding to electronic discovery requests.  Also, we can help you avoid expensive mistakes in this area and keep electronic discovery costs as low as possible.