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The Richard Mintz Pro Bono Award

Rithika Kulathila, Nadia Do Canto, and Nick Armington

Rithika Kulathila, Nick Armington, and Nadia Do Canto
2021 Richard Mintz Pro Bono Award Winners

The Pro Bono Committee was so impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment of this team – Nick, Nadia, and Rithika – to tackle systemic racism through the establishment of a criminal records sealing clinic with the Lawyers Clearinghouse. The clinic helps individuals seal or expunge their criminal records, removing significant barriers that make it difficult to pursue future employment, housing, and educational opportunities. The project has been a huge success at Mintz, with 32 attorneys and professional staff helping over 30 individuals this last year.

- Sue Finegan, Chair of the Pro Bono Committee


Richard Mintz Pro Bono Award Winners

On behalf of the firm, the Pro Bono Committee presents an annual award to an attorney who demonstrates leadership and commitment in the area of pro bono. To date, recipients of the Richard Mintz Pro Bono Award include:  

  • Rithika Kulathila, Nick Armington, and Nadia Do Canto (2021) - establish a Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) sealing clinic
  • Andrew DeVoogd (2020) - Amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of 40 Law & History Professors, in coordination with GLAD and Freedom for All Americans; political asylum and domestic violence work
  • Mathilda McGee-Tubb (2019) - ACLU Census citizenship brief, political asylum, and domestic violence work
  • Lavinia M. Weizel (2018) - sex trafficking legislation and housing advocacy
  • Kerime S. Akoglu (2017) – asylum and bankruptcy work
  • Maryann Civitello (2016) - Elizabeth Stone House (Boston-based domestic violence shelter)
  • Katy E. Ward (2015) - pro bono clinics and model legal education classes for nonprofit leaders
  • Alec Zadek (2014) - sex trafficking and domestic violence
  • Ella Shenhav (2013) - immigration, domestic violence, and bankruptcy work
  • Anthony Hubbard (2012) - nonprofit assistance
  • Marisa Howe (2011) - political asylum
  • Jeff Goldman (2010) - immigration relief for victims of the earthquake in Haiti
  • Helen Guyton (2009) - domestic violence and sexual assault projects
  • Narges M. Kakalia (2008) - political asylum work and reinvigoration of the New York Pro Bono Program
  • Scott Moskel (2007) - Hurricane Katrina relief work
  • Martha J. Koster (2006) - Hurricane Katrina assistance initiative
  • Noah Shaw (2005) - Innocence Project and Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights
  • Christian Hildebrand (2004) - Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
  • Lisa Glahn (2003) - Family Advocacy Program
  • Beth Boland and McLarey Team (2002) - protection of children from abuse 
  • DC Office (2001) - domestic violence and many other initiatives
  • Tracy Miner (2000) - Federal Defenders Program  
  • Grant Sovern (1999) - Volunteer Lawyers Project  
  • Susan M. Finegan (1998) - Lawyers Committee for Affordable Housing and Homelessness 
  • M. Daria Niewenhous (1997) - Domestic Violence Project 
  • Tony Varona (1996) - Human Rights Campaign
  • Richard Mintz and Stuart A. Offner (1995) - Vilna Center for Jewish Heritage
  • Kathleen Sheehan (1994) - Lawyers Committee for Affordable Housing and Homelessness
  • Paul Wilson (1993) - Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights
  • Susan J. Cohen (1992) - Political Asylum Immigrant Representation Project
  • Kathy Pawlowski and Navjeet Bal (1991) - Domestic Violence Project  


Other Mintz Pro Bono Awards

On a periodic basis, the Pro Bono Committee will also present additional awards and recognition to attorneys who have demonstrated exemplary commitment in the area of pro bono. These awards include:

  • Employment, Labor & Benefits Section (2020) - Special Recognition Award
  • John Regier (2019) - Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Ken Novack (2014) - Lifetime Achievement Award
  • San Diego Office (2014) - Special Recognition Award
  • Paul Wilson (2012) - Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Immigration Section (2010) - Special Recognition Award
  • Fernando Laguarda (2008) - Lifetime Achievement Award
  • First Year Associates (2008) - Special Recognition Award
  • John Markey (2007) - Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Navjeet Bal (2007) - Lifetime Achievement Award