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Manufacturer Obtains Reversal of CPSC Enforcement Action

Key Facts

  • CPSC ordered a stop sale of one of our client’s products
  • Stop sale of the product would have resulted in significant economic losses for the company
  • Successfully obtained reversal and complete dismissal of CPSC enforcement determination

The Situation

Our client, a manufacturer of a regulated consumer product, was ordered by CPSC’s Office of Compliance to implement a stop sale and take corrective action for an alleged regulatory violation involving a major product line. Halting sale of the product until the alleged violation was remedied would have had a devastating financial impact on the company.

The Approach

In response, we made a filing with the CPSC advocating that the product was in compliance based on a competing interpretation of the applicable regulations.

The Outcome

Our client obtained a reversal and dismissal of the demand for a stop sale and corrective action.

Supporting Professionals

Matt Howsare and Chuck Samuels, Co-chairs of the firm’s Consumer Product Safety Practice, guided this client to a successful resolution of a potentially damaging CPSC enforcement action.