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Cleantech Global Showcase: GloSho’15

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI)


Date: October 21, 2015

Time: 11:00AM - 12:00PM

Location: JW Marriot, LA Live in Downtown LA, Los Angeles, CA


  • The Emerging Cleantech Investor Landscape: Corporate Strategic

The Emerging Cleantech Investor Landscape: Corporate Strategic

As venture capital and R&D budgets have shrunk corporate investors have realized the need to step up and fund the innovation that previously was capitalized by others, and this class of Cleantech investment has exploded in recent years. Untraditional players from across a broad span of industry have recognized the pervasive effects of climate change and aggressively moved to fund innovation with the potential to prevent or adapt to a warmer planet. Interest in finding sustainable solutions has emerged from unexpected places and this panel is an inspiring opportunity to hear from the people on the front lines, searching out new technologies and bringing them into their massive organizations to deploy across the globe. Don’t miss this chance to learn how corporate investors think about climate change, how this drives their investment strategies, what technologies they look for, how they think about IP protection, how they integrate new innovation into their organizations, and how they work with entrepreneurs and other types of investors.

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Tom Burton has helped to shape the clean energy industry by drawing on his passion for innovation. As a Mintz attorney, Tom counsels investors, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 100 companies. He also guides start-up organizations and accelerators to foster the next generation of energy leaders.

Alex Rozenfeld


Venture Principal Shell Technology Ventures

John Wei


Ph.D., MBA Sr. Investment Manager, SABIC Ventures

Janet Lin


Senior Manager, Strategic Planning U.S. Eco Solutions, Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company (PESCO)

Jeffrey Reed


Director of Emerging Technology, Sempra Energy