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Municipals and Munis?

The Bond Buyer


Date: September 22, 2016

Time: 7:30AM - 8:30AM

Location: Los Angeles, CA


We are excited to announce that Poonam Patidar has been selected as one of only 20 lawyers under 40 to be included on The Bond Buyer's very first list of Rising Stars. The accolade identifies municipal finance professionals under the age of 40 who have demonstrated leadership skills, are excellent collaborators, have displayed innovation and creativity in approaching their jobs, and have made positive contributions to the community. In short, the best and brightest of this industry's next generation.

In light of this recognition, Ms. Patidar will be honored at this year's California Public Finance Conference by The Bond Buyer, as well as participate at a panel entitled "Millenials and Munis?"

This panel will focus on Generation Y, commonly known as the Net Generation are our 35 years and younger folks. These young adults are part of an electronics-filled and increasingly online and socially-networked world. What happens when the  networked world collides with the municipal finance world -- a world that has been slow to come to the technology table. The Muni Millennials will help us understand the changes that have occurred, the challenges that are still looming and the potentially technically savvy municipal finance world that will emerge.


Professional Cropped Poonam Patidar Mintz

Poonam Patidar


Poonam Patidar is a Mintz attorney who counsels governments, quasi-public authorities, institutional investors, indenture trustees, and higher education facilities on securities and tax law matters. She uses her background in finance to help clients achieve their strategic goals.