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Expert Witness "Hot Tub" Hearings: What Are They and How Can They Help You Win Your Case?

The Bar Association of San Francisco


Date: May 5, 2021

Time: 2:00PM - 3:15PM (PST)

Location: Webinar

Expert Hot Tub Hearings, or concurrent expert evidence hearings, are gaining popularity with U.S. Judges despite being a relatively new phenomenon stateside. The practice involves two or more opposing expert witnesses addressing questions directly from the judge and engaging with one another on comparisons of their expert opinions, including areas of agreement and reasons for disagreement on methodology, data, or conclusions and is most commonly used in connection with Daubert's motions and Markman's hearings. As such, it is important that litigators be prepared to work with their experts to perform and excel at the next hot tub hearing in one of their cases.

This panel, moderated by Evan Nadel, will include panelists from Charles River Associates and the Analysis Group and will cover related topics such as:

  • Origin of the Expert Hot Tub
  • Use of Hot Tub Hearings on Daubert Motions in Federal Court
  • Preparation Strategy for Hot Tub Hearing Would Hot Tubbing Work at Trial?

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