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The Fine Print Matters: Negotiating Boilerplate Contract Clauses Through the Litigator’s Lens

Mintz & ACC New York City, ACC Northeast


Date: April 7, 2021

Time: 1:00PM - 2:00PM (EST)

Location: Webinar

In the wake of COVID-19, corporate counsel are being pushed to do more with less, streamline their teams, and leverage every dollar spent on outside counsel. While efficiency should always be the goal, risk should not be the unintended consequence. 
Incorporating insight from Accenture’s Senior In-House Counsel, Dana Davenport, and seasoned Mintz litigators LisaMarie Collins and Meredith Leary, this panel will explore the impact of boilerplate language in business contracts, and how the inclusion of, and language in, boilerplate provisions can play a critical role when a dispute emerges. While not every term of a contract should be customized, it is too late to understand what boilerplate means when a relationship sours and contract provisions become fodder for litigation. Participants will learn from an in-house perspective how to assess and negotiate boilerplate provisions and witness first-hand how litigators review, analyze, and dissect some commonly used boilerplate provisions when a dispute arises.


Dana Davenport

Dana Davenport

Dana Davenport is Senior Legal Counsel at Accenture. You can view her biography on LinkedIn at:
LisaMarie Collins resolves complex legal matters for Mintz clients in the financial industry, handling issues concerning derivatives, commodity futures, civil securities litigation, and general commercial litigation. She also represents clients in class actions, arbitrations, and regulatory investigations.
Meredith M. Leary is a Mintz litigator with extensive project management and case management experience in the life sciences, software, and manufacturing industries. Meredith's practice focuses on risk assessment and mitigation in the litigation and arbitration contexts.