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Cynthia Larose Named a National Law Review "Go-To Thought Leader"

Mintz Member Cynthia Larose and her thought leadership on all things Privacy has been selected for a National Law Review  “Go-To Thought Leadership Award.” The inaugural awards recognize 65 exceptional authors and legal organizations for their reporting of complex legislative and litigation news, as well as their strategic insight and overall legal industry knowledge.

The honorees were selected by the National Law Review’s editors from a pool of more than 100,000 legal news and analysis articles. Recognized in 20 categories, the recipients stand out among less than 1% of their total contributors.

In presenting the award, the editors of the National Law Review said, “Ms. Larose’s expertise in this emerging area of law, especially as it has developed over the years, has provided readers with a complete body of knowledge for the developing regulatory and litigation issues and has helped NLR readers navigate concerns that are not always obvious. Additionally, Ms. Larose creates articles that are reader-focused and approachable, well-suited for the web and that translate complex legal issues into easy to understand reading.”

Ms. Larose is Chair of Mintz’s Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice, a Certified Information Privacy Professional-US (CIPP-US), and a Certified Information Privacy Professional-Europe (CIPP-E). She works with clients in various industries to develop comprehensive information security programs on the front end, and provides timely counsel when it becomes necessary to respond to a data breach.