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Mintz Attorney Jonathan T. Cain Earns Prestigious U.S. Government Information Privacy Professional Certification

Jonathan T. Cain, a Member of the Government Contracts and Privacy & Security Practices of Mintz, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C., has been credentialed as a Certified Information Privacy Professional/U.S. Government (CIPP/G), having passed the rigorous CIPP/G exam along with the requisite Certification Foundation exam. 

The Certified Information Privacy Professional/Government (CIPP/G) is the first publicly available privacy certification designed for employees of U.S. federal, state, county and local government agencies. It also is available to vendors, suppliers and consultants who serve government clients.

“Jonathan’s knowledge of complex U.S. government privacy laws is an invaluable asset to our interdisciplinary team,” said Cynthia J. Larose, a Member and Chair of Mintz Privacy & Security Practice and a Certified Information Privacy Professional. “We have the experience necessary to advise our clients on a broad range of privacy and data security issues in both the private and public sectors.”

The CIPP/G addresses U.S. government privacy laws, regulations and policies specific to government practice as well as those more broadly applicable to the public and private sectors in the U.S. It also covers U.S. government-standard practices for privacy program development and management, privacy compliance and auditing, records management and agency reporting obligations for privacy. Subject matter areas required to attain CIPP/G certification include:

• U.S. laws that compel the disclosure of personal data: BSA, FISA, ECPA and USA-PATRIOT

• U.S. private sector privacy laws that exert certain requirements on U.S. government organizations: HIPAA, COPPA and GLBA

• Information laws for U.S. government practice: FOIA, FISMA, the Privacy Act of 1974, the Government in the Sunshine Act, the E-Government Act and the Data Quality Act

• Key privacy memoranda published by OMB and OPM: M-01-05, M-03-22, M-04-26, M-05-08, M-06-15, M-06-16 M-06-19, M-06-20 and Circular A-130

• Program controls for U.S. government privacy professionals such as PIAs and SORNs

Mr. Cain has more than 25 years of experience in representing domestic and foreign companies, public-private partnerships, and quasi-government agencies in transactions and litigation involving federal government grants and contracts for the research, development, licensing, and sale of information systems hardware, software and services, communications equipment and services, life sciences products, defense hardware and materials, support services, humanitarian and development assistance, infrastructure project development, and the outsourcing of business process and information systems services.

His experience includes procurements in the United States by foreign governments of defense and information systems, representation of foreign companies in federal procurements, and sales of products and services to state and local government agencies. He has broad experience in all aspects of government procurement law, including requirements development, design of requests for proposals, contract bidding and negotiation procedures, offer evaluation procedures, intellectual property protection, subcontracting, contract financing, affirmative action, cost accounting standards and audits, procurement integrity, and security clearances and classified matters.