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Mintz Named Among ‘Most Feared’ Litigation Firms by BTI Consulting

BOSTON– In its annual Litigation Outlook report, BTI Consulting recognized Mintz as one of the most feared law firms for litigation. The firm was one of only 16 law firms singled out as “Awesome Opponents” — firms that legal decision makers say “stand out” as formidable opponents they would rather not litigate against.

The firms on the list were determined from a number of factors, including:

  • Valorous - Bringing great courage in the face of high risk, danger, and uncharted waters. They relish the challenge and opportunity.
  • Savvy and Super Smart - Thinking quickly, spotting patterns, able to decipher and launch multiple strategies and can bring together all they learn as they go.
  • Energized - The fight brings out more energy. Increased challenge breathes new vitality into the Fearsome Foursome.
  • Mobilized – Acting expeditiously – swift but thought out. Always with the right resources. The ability to think on their feet helps make this happen.
  • Unabating - They just don’t give up.

The 2023 Litigation Outlook report results are based on a survey of almost 350 of the industry’s top legal decision makers including general counsels and chief legal officers that asks which law firms they would least like to see as opposing counsel. A total of 46 firms were identified without prompting by respondents, with Mintz among the most frequent answers given. Learn more about the report here.

Mintz has one of the largest and most distinguished litigation practices nationwide, with a deep bench of trial lawyers and regulatory experts who cover all aspects of complex business litigation. Our attorneys approach problems with an aggressive drive and a strong sense of doing what’s best for the client. While our litigators are experienced trial lawyers who are fully prepared to take every case to trial, we keep a singular focus on the client’s business objectives in every case to make sure that the litigation strategy will help achieve those objectives, and employ tactics designed to achieve successful, early resolutions of cases wherever possible.

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