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Offshore Wind: Flavor of the Year - Hear from a Former Energy Commissioner

David O’Connor, Senior Vice President for Energy & Clean Technology at ML Strategies, was recently featured as a guest on an episode of The Lobbying Show, a podcast about the world of lobbying: how it works, who is lobbying, and how to be effective.

In the episode, Mr. O’Connor and the host of The Lobbying Show, Jim O’Brien, discussed offshore wind and renewable energy in the New England area, among other topics.

Mr. O’Connor served as the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources during the tenures of five Governors, from 1995 to 2007. At ML Strategies, Mr. O’Connor helps energy and technology companies expand their markets and accelerate growth. He leverages knowledge of the energy industry and environmental issues to help these companies shape public policies.

The full podcast episode is available here.


The Lobbying Show