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What's At Stake For The Muni Market In Midterm Elections?

Mintz's Retail and Consumer Products Practice Co-Chair, Charles Samuels, was quoted in The Bond Buyer in an article covering what is expected of the municipal bond market following midterm elections. Chuck commented, "There is a sense that at least since the Trump years some Republicans, particularly in the House, have been antagonistic to tax-exempt bonds because they see them as a source of financing for what they perceive as bloated state and local programs and even putting pressure on healthcare costs... I think as time passes some of this possible hostility has abated... And it is critical to point out that at all times there have been many senior and junior Republicans in the House and the Senate who have supported the public finance community, through their legislative actions, through their membership in the Municipal Finance Caucus and in many cases with their background in state and local government or the nonprofit sector." 


The Bond Buyer