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New York Wage Deduction Amendments Renewed for Another Three Years

In case you were wondering, and we that know you were, Governor Cuomo recently signed a bill that extends the 2012 amendments made to NY’s Wage Deduction Law until November 2018.  Without the extension, the amendments would have expired this week.

The amendments permit employers to deduct certain amounts from their employee’s wages, including deductions to recover wage overpayments, for repayments of employer loans, and to provide for the payment of items such as gym memberships, parking or mass transit passes and day care.  The New York Department of Labor has also issued interpreting regulations, which among other things, provide specific rules on how employers should document permissible deduction arrangements with their employees.  If you need a refresher, you can access the law here and our post on the regulations here.


Special thanks to John Bagyi, Esq. of Bond Schoeneck & King PLLC for the timely assist on this one. 

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