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The Return of Mintz March Madness

It’s our favorite time of year over at Employment Matters – March Madness!  Let’s quickly recap where we’ve been.

In 2014 we provided a rundown on the issues employers should consider when dealing with March Madness in the workplace – a tour de force blog entry that remains as relevant today as when we first released it.  We've updated it here.  Employers worried about the tournament’s impact on their workplace should definitely read it . . . or any one of the other 67 law firm blogs that will probably release a similar post this year.  Perhaps we should put each of these posts in their own tournament bracket and pick a champion.  Or perhaps we should just move on.

Speaking of unusual brackets, in 2015, we hosted the first ever Employment Law Issues tournament – a wild and crazy ride that left us out of breath and needing to use the remainder of our PTO.  Employment law nerds everywhere rejoiced and they can and should feel free to revisit the action here.

But then came 2016, when this blog suffered the electronic equivalent of tearing its ACL after coming off a (computer) screen and slipping on a wet spot on the (minimum wage) floor.  We had to go on Short Term Disablogilty and sat on the March Madness blogging sidelines while the actual tournament produced an epic finals buzzer beater ending with Villanova proving victorious.

After rehabbing furiously and putting in extra time at the office (including two-a-days featuring hours long Lexis training sessions and e-mail inbox clearance calisthenics), we are proud to announce our triumphant return in 2017.  This year, we have an insatiable need to rhyme words with “Madness,” so that’s exactly what we are going to do over the next three weeks, as we explore the latest and great employment law issues of the day, while infusing a healthy dose of college basketball related references.  Our first release will be: March Grabness: Lessons from the (Basketball) Court: Avoiding Personal Fouls, Violations and Time Outs in the Workplace.  More will follow.

In the meantime, please remember to register for our Third Annual Employment Law Summit taking place April 6, 2017 in midtown Manhattan, which takes place just a few days after the Final Four concludes and which will feature keynote speaker Liz Vladeck, the Deputy Commissioner of New York’s new Office of Labor Policy and Standards at the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.  Deputy Commissioner Vladeck will discuss the Office’s initiatives and New York City’s newest employment laws.  Other segments will focus on the Trump administration’s potential impact on workplace law; employee relations issues; emerging employee benefits and pay equity issues; and strategies to mitigate cybersecurity risk.  We look forward to seeing you there and enjoy the madness!

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