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Mintz 3rd Annual Employment Law Summit – Advancing the Ball on Pay Equity

March Madness isn’t the only thing we are excited about over here at Employment Matters. Right on the heels of the tournament, we will be hosting our annual Employment Law Summit. One of the issues my colleague Andrew Bernstein will address with a panel of key players is pay equity. No, not play equity – pay equity.

Equal pay initiatives have advanced rapidly down the court in the last few years, primarily due to the efforts of aggressive states such as California, Massachusetts, and New York that have driven the ball forward to take the lead on this issue. We have not seen much movement in the federal realm and it appears unlikely that this will change under the Trump Administration.

The panel picks up where the college tournament leaves off, examining the entire life cycle of a career and asking whether pay inequity begins with an employee’s first job. The panel will also address how employers are implementing equal pay initiatives in the workplace, the challenges presented by some equal pay legislation, and how to prevent pay inequity and the associated risks.

We hope you will join us in New York on April 6th for a lively discussion on these questions and other pressing employment law issues. Please remember to register, as you won’t want to miss this important event.

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