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MintzTech Innovator Profile - Conduce

This month we turn the spotlight on Conduce, our client in beautiful Carpinteria, California, that is transforming the way companies see and understand all of their data to make better decisions. Conduce gives leaders a single pane of glass where they can see internal and external data from any source, and explore it any way they want — any data from any source in a single intuitive interface. It puts people in the middle of their data.

Kevin Parent, Christian Rishel, and Chris Harper founded Conduce in 2013. At the time, Parent and Rishel had been working at Oblong Industries, a company serially successful entrepreneur Parent co-founded in 2006. Rishel previously held marketing and executive roles at Google and JetBlue Airways and was also a consultant with McKinsey & Co. Before Conduce, Harper was part of the Enterprise Technology Strategy Group at Boeing after earlier technology and program management roles with IBM and Citicorp. Rounding out the initial management team are Founding Members Paul Botto, a tech veteran and also a former Google exec, and Ben Collins, a decorated former US Army Special Forces officer and frequent cable news talk show commentator on military intelligence issues.

Because Conduce works with any and all data sources, the breakthrough technology offers significant operational advantages across complex enterprises. Through instant situational awareness and transparent dissemination of critical insights to decentralized decision makers, Conduce enables leaders and teams to exercise more fully informed, smarter judgment. The company likens this dynamic to the principles of “battle management” in military operating environments where real time intelligence and best practices from the smallest units proliferate across the larger operating environment, rather than from the top down.

In fact, Conduce’s underlying technology was built for and further developed in the world’s most demanding military and commercial operating environments and the company brings unprecedented versatility and power to the “big data visual analytics” category. Conduce does indeed offer advanced visual analytics capabilities, but the category that includes the usual dashboards and business intelligence capabilities fails to fully capture the true value of Conduce technology. The term “analytics” serves as a convenient catchall, but also implies a retrospective examination of past events while one of the greatest advantages Conduce offers its customers is “observational insight” — the ability to see what is going on right now and instantly act on it operationally.

Following successful deployments across government installations and defense contractors, Conduce has partnered with Intel® as a member of its Internet of Things Solution Alliance to scale more rapidly. Conduce continues to actively pursue opportunities in retail, travel, health care, energy, manufacturing, defense and intelligence, and consumer packaged goods, along with partnerships with technology leaders, systems integrators, and management consultancies.

Mintz worked with Conduce from its inception and has continued on not just as legal counsel, but also as trusted advisor during the company’s product development and expansion. “Every step of the way and almost every day, the Conduce management team has benefitted from the deep technology experience, seasoned business and legal judgment and absolute integrity of Dan DeWolf and the Mintz team,” noted Parent. “We consider them full and essential members of the Conduce team.” As the world begins to catch up with what Conduce offers, we expect that Conduce will enjoy accelerating adoption and impressive growth.


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Daniel I. DeWolf

Member / Chair, Technology Practice; Co-chair, Venture Capital & Emerging Companies Practice

Daniel I. DeWolf is an authority on growth companies and serves as Chair of Mintz's Technology Practice Group and Co-chair of the firm’s Venture Capital & Emerging Companies Practice. He has worked on pioneering online capital-raising methods. He also teaches venture capital law at NYU Law School.

Samuel Asher Effron

Member / Co-chair, Venture Capital & Emerging Companies Practice

Samuel Asher Effron assists Mintz clients with venture capital and private equity transactions, helping start-ups with legal and business matters. He has clients in a variety of technology sectors, including video gaming, music, virtual and augmented reality, and consumer electronics.