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MintzTech Connect Industry News — Spotlight on Gas It Up

Gas It Up set out to solve an obvious problem: No one likes to fill up their vehicle with gas! Not only is it inconvenient, especially in inclement weather, but filling up at a gas station can also be unnecessarily expensive and unsafe — exposing you to potential credit card fraud and an increased risk of physical harm. The solution? High quality, cost-competitive fuel, delivered directly to your vehicle.

Gas It Up is an early stage company founded in 2017 and fast approaching the release of its mobile and desktop applications with a GPS locator. It will start in two states: fuel and diesel in Pennsylvania and diesel in New York. Its services will first be available on corporate properties as a VIP or concierge perk and for large truck fleets, but its mission is to become the worldwide standard and market leader for mobile fuel delivery and thus liberate drivers from the retail gas station.

Gas It Up keeps fuel prices competitive and avoids additional fees by obtaining fuel directly from the supplier. And you can feel good about saving money, because this model also cuts down on your environmental footprint. Whether at home, work, or play, Gas It Up has got you covered.

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